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Living in Crowded cities like Montreal and Laval means that living space is in short supply, and that’s why more and more homeowners have turned to building additions to help give them some extra breathing room. Do you want to add extra space to help a growing family, add extra value to your home, or just have that extra room for some downtime that you’ve always wanted? If so, then Mannetta Industries specialises in home additions throughout Montreal and Laval, and we can help you transform your current home into the home that you have always wanted.

Montreal home additions

A home addition is the single best way to increase the comfort level in your life, get extra space, and make your home more valuable. Adding an extra room or even a whole new floor can allow you to spread out, be more comfortable, and not feel as boxed in as you do now. Putting an addition on your home is one of the biggest construction projects that there is, so you need to make sure you get a contractor with years of experience and dedication to their craft.

Mannetta Industries plans each step of the process in meticulous detail, and employs a team of expert architects, craftsmen, drafters, designers and builders to help make the finished product an addition that we can both be proud of. If the idea of getting a home addition is already in your mind, then we have no doubt that it is the right option for you. It’s by far and away the best option for increasing your living space and level of comfort. We have got you covered no matter the size of the project.

Home additions that add value to your property

The majority of our clients are looking to expand for their families and add value to their property. Home additions can put your house a cut above the rest of the market, and give you the ability to either sell or rent out for far more than others. Our expert and experienced team can build you an extra space for anything you want, and we will work side-by-side with you to make sure that it comes out just the way you desire. Some of our specialties include:

  • Second floor additions
  • Laundry rooms
  • Extra bedrooms
  • Family rooms
  • Home offices
  • Guest Houses
  • Storage space

Or anything else you that you think would make your home better. If you are looking for the best return on investment, then there is no better option than a home addition.

Mannetta Industries has years of experience in the local area, and we will design the perfect space that not only fits your needs but meets your budget. A project this large cannot be given to a contractor without a proven record. We have built our reputation on affordability, professionalism, and the skill of our craftsmen and builders.

Contact us today to begin transforming your home and building on the home addition that you’ve always wanted.

From the simple to the lavish, we’ve experienced it all

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Skill, affordability, and dependability

A home renovation project takes diligent planning, a high level of skill, and complete dedication. We take every project step by step and work alongside of you to make sure it comes out exactly the way you wanted it. Mannetta Industries prides itself on having the highest level of skill and ability, but still making sure we offer affordable prices.

Here at Mannetta Industries we know what it takes to get your renovation project done professionally, safely, and on time. We have been remodeling and renovating home additions across for years, and have built a reputation for our level of skill, customer service, and dedication to each and every project that we take on. Let us help transform your home addition, and with it, the rest of your home.

Our work includes:

  • Designing
  • Planning
  • Removing old tiles and fixtures
  • Installation of high-quality products
  • Repairs
  • Electrical solutions
  • Flooring

…and much more. We provide the best work in the business. Guaranteed.



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